Now Playing: New Shack – 'Ways And Means'

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Synthwave duo New Shack, who are from Provo, Utah, shared their new single 'Ways And Means' earlier this month and we're hooked. The track was released via Little Assembly and is an exciting preview of what they have planned for 2018. 

'Ways And Means' possesses an infectious quality. The retro synths are lush and glimmer throughout the track. Cat Leavy's vocals are dreamlike and her soft tone has a soothing effect on the lively synths. Listening to her vocals will make you feel instantly relaxed. Though the vocals are dreamy, the lyrics capture your attention from the beginning, especially the opening lines, "Oh, if you knew what I know, I would have to kill you." Another intriguing part of the track is the staggering electronic percussion. 'Ways And Means' hits you like an intoxicating sugar rush, but without all the bad side effects. 

New Shack are set to unleash more music into the wild in 2018, so watch this space! 

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can purchase 'Ways And Means' here or stream it via Apple Music.