Now Playing: Spacey Jane – 'Thrills'

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wanting to add to the collection of monumental tracks you’ve saved for rocking out to your air guitar in your bedroom? Spacey Jane’s ‘Thrills’, featured on the foursome’s debut EP, No Way to Treat an Animal, does not only belong in your collection but will remind you why you made your collection in the first place.

Groove-inducing indie-rock track ‘Thrills’ hooks you in from the first listen. Packed full of dirty guitars, pulsating rhythm and sharp lyricism, the indie-rock track delivers an ode to our youth. Spacey Jane brings a raw energy to the track, comparable to the likes of The Strokes and The Kings of Leon, sentimental of the fleeting and wild essence of our teenage years. This is only amplified by strong, rhythmic vocals which are guaranteed to have you on your feet before the song is over.

With their six-track EP hot in the game, we can only expect more exciting things from Spacey Jane in the future — get ready!

Written by Hannah Woodfield

You can purchase 'Thrills' here or stream it via Apple Music

(Photo by Alice Ford via Spacey Jane's FB page)