Now Playing: Swimm – 'True Romance'

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Swimm have unveiled their new single 'True Romance', which is their latest offering from their upcoming album Sentimental Porno. If you happen to be around the LA area (unlike us who are stuck in Australia *sigh*), Swimm will be playing the second edition of their Love You Down festival on 2nd February.

Their latest release 'True Romance' is a psych-pop track that discusses dating and romance. Though the track is interesting on a lyrical level (particularly their commentary of LA dating), I'm drawn to the crooning of "I want what’s best for you", which plays an essential role in making the song more smooth. The track is an upbeat number that you're going to want to blast out loud. Hitting play once isn't enough for 'True Romance', you're going to want to play it at least fifty times in a row. 

If you enjoyed 'True Romance', be sure to get your hands on Sentimental Porno, which will be unleashed into the wild sometime this year. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can stream 'True Romance' via Apple Music.

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