Now Playing: Troye Sivan – 'The Good Side'

Thursday, January 25, 2018

It looks like it's going to be a good year for Troye Sivan (and his fans). The 22-year-old Australian has been named the face of Valentino, been a musical guest on Saturday Night Live and released two new singles, 'My, My, My' and 'The Good Side'.

My favourite song out of the two singles definitely has to be 'The Good Side'. This is the kind of song that plays on repeat while you’re in bed, half asleep and in a cocoon of blankets. This song is nothing compared to his older hits such as 'Wild' and 'Youth' and instead relies solely on an acoustic guitar — making it feel more emotional.

The lyrics explore a breakup Sivan has been through and he is asking for an apology as he realises he got the good side of the breakup. It is beautiful and gives his fans an insight into a vulnerable Troye and his situation — which some people might even be able to relate to. Troye’s talent shines through and although there isn’t a title or a release date for his upcoming album, this song is without a doubt getting his fans excited! 

 Written by Manya Mehra

You can purchase 'The Good Side' here or stream it via Apple Music.