Now Playing: Weslee – 'Tongue Tied'

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

If you don't have Weslee on your radar yet, add them to your playlist, pronto. Last year, the duo shared a series of singles including 'Bathwater' and 'Boy Like You'. Their latest single 'Tongue Tied', is an exciting preview of what's to come in 2018, and we can't wait.   

'Tongue Tied' is a charming downtempo track that will have your feels in overdrive. The sentimental lyrics read beautifully like a book of stunning prose. The opening verse hits hard, especially the words "There's no way they could save us... / Up in flames, with propane / But I'm still glad we took the scenic road / Cause I look back and I see sunshine..." Mix these flawless words with the riveting combination of R&B and 90s influences, and the final product is absolute magic. 

Weslee will be appearing at AMP Collected in London, along with Jessie Ware and Sunflower Bean. More information is available here.  

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can purchase 'Tongue Tied' here or stream it via Apple Music.