Now Playing: YOMAEZ – 'One More Night' (feat. Blooming)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

With 2018 already proving to be our finest musical year yet, we reveal one of our best-kept secrets of the month — ‘One More Night’ (feat. Blooming) by YOMAEZ. The debut single, released earlier this January, showcases the talent of the electronic indie music producer from Adelaide, Thomas Mahony, as he steps into his own skin after his immensely successful partnership with Bri Gleeson in renowned Water Park.

‘One More Night’ draws you in within seconds, beginning with soft, sparse strokes of a piano and spacious beats. The minimalist, atmospheric production acts as coke to rum, sweetening the smooth vocals of Blooming. Both ingredients deliver the listener with a calming track that perfectly captures the essence of wanting to hold onto something that is seemingly unattainable. The track allows for the listener to interpret its meaning in a way that relates to them in that moment, adding to its intrigue.

Ultimately, ‘One More Night’ is an infectious debut for the upcoming solo artist and we are eagerly awaiting his next move.

Written by Hannah Woodfield

You can purchase the track here or stream it via Apple Music

(Photo via YOMAEZ's Twitter)