Feature: The Ingredients of Don't Talk About It with Ruby Boots

Friday, February 9, 2018

Today is release day for Ruby Boots' new album Don't Talk About It. Along with the release of the album, Ruby Boots will be playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in May. Learn more about the inspiration behind the album below.

Tom Petty:
Tom Petty is my all time ultimate songwriter. I have watched the four hour doco Running Down A Dream at least ten times — the person that TP is comes out in that doco and I think he has the ability to inspire every artist that walks this earth. When I went to try and start writing, I had nothing in me to draw from. It scared the hell out of me, but I would find so many gold nuggets from him to keep me inspired and keep me going at a time when I couldn't find it inside myself. 

Nashville is the most incredible city to write an album in, everyone is writing all of the time. There is no shortage of people to collaborate with any given day of the week — I'm not sure I would have been able to write an album I am so proud of in such a short amount of time anywhere else in the world. This place is living and breathing on music. This is a cool little pocket of East Nashville; here with a new favourite mural of mine on the wall of my favourite record store Fond Object

David Lynch / Twin Peaks S3:
I was staying downstairs at my producers house throughout the making of the album and it was around the time that Twin Peaks Season 3 was announced. We were playing catch up on Season 2 in preparation and found inspiration in the theme song, and it trickled into the album artwork which has a bit of a David Lynch vibe. 

The Texas Gentlemen:
The gents were my backing band on the album. Inclusive of my producer Beau Bedford, these guys inspired me to the nines I had such an incredible time working with these wizards, check out their album TX Jelly!

I got sober for the second time as I was writing the album. I had previously done a 12 month stint and it wasn't until I did again that shit started really flowing with clarity and direct meaning of what I wanted to be saying on the album. I didn't want to make a record where I had nothing to say musically and lyrically and I think getting sober, after realising that it was the better state of being for me creatively. It was was hugely inspiring in the sense that it allowed me to find my stride and own it. I feel like, for me, that it's way more rock-n-roll to stick the finger up at something that is working against you in life and fighting to stay the fuck away from it that it is to keep doing it for the sake of it. This is a song by one of my favourite Nashville artists, Lily Hiatt, that gave me some fight as I threw it away again. 

Tour dates:
4th May - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (tickets)
5th May - Leadbelly, Sydney (tickets)
11th May - Rosemount Hotel, Perth (tickets)

Listen to Don't Talk About It below: