Feature: The Ingredients of Southern Mind with Lowtide

Friday, February 16, 2018

Today, Lowtide released their sophomore album Southern Mind. They share with us some of the inspiration behind the LP, including the Australian environment, nature and Twin Peaks. Lowtide are taking their new album on the road this March and April, find out where below!

'The Lines' - The Landing
There’s something so effortless about this song. How the stark production and minimal effects are still able to create a lush, beautifully paced and spaced song. I feel like we approached this album from that angle. I’m not sure if we achieved that in the end, writing-wise, but the production is definitely not as dense as the previous album. It feels like there’s more room for everything to breathe.

An Australian Environment
We share a wonder and respect for the vastness, the colours, flora and fauna, and its eternal story. The continent’s wide landscapes and diverse environmental conditions have often been cited by bands and musicians. It’s something you can’t help but be in awe of.

An Australian Sound
An enduring influence on the band is the Australian response to the Paisley Underground scene of the 1980s. The shiny guitar twang, and jangle pop aesthetic from bands such as The Stems, The Moffs, and The Hummingbirds have always resonated with us.

Twin Peaks S3
Season 3 started airing between recording sessions. We were all poring over the episodes and would dissect them each week in rehearsal where we were finalising song structures. Even though there were new locations with new atmospheres there was still an underlying ominous sense that carried over from the previous seasons. That sense of familiarity and darkness definitely crept in a little. I feel as though the album opener was our response to Nine Inch Nails performing 'She’s Gone Away at the Roadhouse'. Dark and brooding…
Hey David, Lowtide for season 4?

Midori Illusions
We always seem to end up drinking them when out on the town as a band… Because they’re so delicious.

Tour dates:
16th March - Marrickville Bowling Club - Marrickville (link)
18th March - North Wollongong Hotel - Wollongong (link)
23rd March - Karova Lounge - Ballarat (link)
24th March - Northcote Social Club - Melbourne (link)
6th April - The Bearded Lady - Brisbane (link)
7th April - Grace Emily Hotel - Adelaide (link)

Listen to Southern Mind below or click here to purchase the album:

(Photo by Tajette O'Halloran)