Feature: The Ingredients of Sunshine Terror Babies with Flower Drums

Monday, February 12, 2018

Today, we're stoked to bring you Flower Drums' debut album Sunshine Terror Babies, which you can stream below. Aden Senycia recently took some time out to share the ingredients of the album. Flower Drums will also be playing a launch show at The Gasometer (Upstairs) on 17th February. Tickets are available here.

Throughout the album process, we had both travelled around a lot. Leigh spent some time in Germany and throughout Europe and I had spent some time In London and Bristol. We have always been interested in encapsulating atmosphere. 

Subway Systems
I think our music is an extension of how we felt while on the subway systems and hanging around the public spaces of a variety of moody cities. There are a lot of iPhone recordings taken inside train and bus stations around the world, I really like the idea of having a seemingly unimportant mid-commute moment captured and put onto a track to exist forever. 

From The Fatherland With Love by Ryu Marakami
We spent a lot of time together going back and forth from our studio which was located in the converted cotton mills in Footscray/Docklands (Melbourne). We spoke quite often of different authors we were reading at the time. I was reading a book by Ryu Murakami called "From The Fatherland, With Love". It was a big inspiration on the visuals and name of the album. In the book there is a group of outcasts who live within a secluded world of their own creation. The english translation of the name of this group of people was "Sunshine Terror Babies", I think it only gets referred to once in the book but it just stuck in my head. 

Our joint history of asthma and how asthma was portrayed and used in 80's films interested both of us. We thought the puffer was such a strong symbol and doesn't get much attention these days. Painting our puffers gold was our way of being proud of our "nerdish" leanings within the nerd/jock dichotomy.

For the first half of 2017, it felt as if we lived in our own world that was made up of the studio, the Reverence Hotel and the street in-between these two places. We knew that we needed that kind of isolation to really figure out how we wanted the album to sound. Most of the album was written in this time, the rest was most likely written in one of our bedrooms.

You can stream Sunshine Terror Babies below: