Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with oscar oscar

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Last week, oscar oscar wowed us with his latest single 'Yuika'. He gives us a little sneak peek into some of his favourite tunes in our newest edition of 'What Song..."

What song would you love to sample?
Probably this song by Haruomi Hosono.

Funnily enough though, a family friend recently gave me a synth that gives me similar textures. I think I might have cracked the code ahaha 

What song reminds you of your last holiday?
Last time I really left Brisbane for a while was in late 2016. I was living in Japan with a close friend for a few months. During that time I wrote both 'Yuika' and 'Himeji'.

I try to continue writing music all the time, It's just how I document and make sense of things.

What song did you love in high school?
I went through a whole lot of music during high school actually. It's hard to say but I know that the self-titled album by SBTRKT has really stuck with me ever since its release. Especially that song 'Never Never' featuring Sampha.

What song did you last play in the car? 
I’ve actually been in the car heaps the past few days… I’m working as a delivery driver but the stereo is broken so I just sing a bit. It’s not so bad, I definitely need the practice. 

The last song I sang was 'Coastal Love' by HONNE.

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
Well, I’m not exactly chasing for heaps of collaborations/features. This is gonna make me sound like a tosser but right now I only really like working with other artists I can really open up with and that's hard. I’m not really interested in making “the best music” I just want to make something honest at that time with someone I’m resonating with. 

What song was your favourite track of last year?
I’d have to toss up between a few tracks actually.

'Homebody' by Nai Palm (link)
'새벽빛' by DARIN MUSIC AREA (link)
'Colours of the Season' by Daudi Matsiko, Yungve, Fazerdaze, Stephen Bruner and more (link)
'Plastic 100°C' by Sampha (link)