Interview: A Chat With Vincent Neff from Django Django

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I recently chatted to Vincent Neff from Django Django about his memories from the last time he was in town, the 'Surface to Air' as well as the creative process behind their new album Marble Skies.

Firstly, congrats on the release of the new album! Are you stoked to have it all out?
Thanks! Yeah, glad to have it out, finally. It's been nearly a year, and yeah, it feels great to have it out there.

Did the recording process differ for this one than your previous releases?
For the previous ones, we recorded in a bedroom and with no real stuff. And this one was done in a studio and everything was done properly. But we made it too comfortable and essentially it became a bedroom again. All our stuff was just lying around but it was the best way to make ourselves comfortable so we didn't feel pressured and I think was a lot more enjoyable for all of us. I think you can hear on the record that it was a lot more enjoyable and we enjoyed the process a lot more.

It does have a bit of a different sound to your previous albums. Where did you draw inspiration from during the writing of this one?
We didn't want to do what we had done again. We just wanted to have fun with it, make it a bit punchy.

I love the video for 'Surface to Air'. What was the creative process behind it?
I think we wanted to make it like a kind of hip-hop video. And that went along with Self Esteem's look as well. It turned out alright, I think. 

That was you guys in the pool as well wasn't it?
Yeah, that was us! I could stay the longest under the water and that's why I got to do the length of breaststroke, my style of choice. 

Did you have to spend long in the pool? Was it a long and cold process?
Well, it was England and September... I think that says it all (laughs).

Do you guys have any memorable moments from the last time you were in Australia?
I remember playing Falls festival, and Splendour in the Grass which I think was our first ever gig in Australia. We just got off the plane and went straight to the stage and played in front of a thousand people, which was quite weird, all these people were singing along which was nice!

Do you have any plans to come back here anytime soon?
I think we have a bunch of tours that were concentrating on at the moment and once they are done we will try and come up with some plan to get back to Australia, but we have to get through these first.

And so if you guys were to come back, what do you think would be the first thing you would do? Apart from sleep off the jet lag?
I think we would head down to that place, is it near St. Kilda? Its got that amusement park? 

Yeah, Luna Park!
That's the one! We would want to go back there! 

Awesome! Thanks so much for chatting with me today, and best of luck with the massive you have coming up!
Thanks. It's been a pleasure. 

Written by Emily O'Brien

You can purchase Marble Skies here or stream it via Apple Music