Now Playing: Didirri – ‘Formaldehyde'

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On 'Formaldehyde', Didirri uses his lyrical prowess to formulate a vivid image in the mind of the listener. 'Formaldehyde', normally a substance to stop biological matter from decaying, has become a startling analogy for retaining a memory. 

The use of a light piano coupled with a whimsical touch of soft trumpet line throughout the verses, helps Didirri’s melancholic vocals paint a stunning image with his music before building into a magnificent culmination of sound through the bridge with the repeated “I’ll keep it for awhile” line. 

As Didirri has said before, he wants his music to be reminiscent of telling stories around a campfire, and while the instrumentation takes away from that message of simplicity, it is hard to not feel that this song is a tale told to another. 

'Formaldehyde' sits alongside his earlier radio-breaking release 'Jude'. Didirri has been able to find a new gear with this song, with his soft emotionality shining through, the listener is able to feel the message of the song deep in their heart. 

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

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