Now Playing: Qualia – ‘For Your Love’

Sunday, February 25, 2018

If you were Diane Court, ‘For Your Love’ is the song you want to hear as Lloyd Dobler holds a boombox over his head outside your window. This utterly-romantic, cheek-hurting track from quirky Melbourners, Charlie Ford and Giorgia Deslandes, who form the indie-pop band, Qualia, is the right dose of love you need this week.

‘For Your Love’ was a song found by total accident, and being only the second track released by Qualia, it was hard not to be sceptical, and even harder to admit that I was wrong. But boy, am I glad to have been wrong. Opening with siren-like vocals from Giorgia Deslandes, this song draws you in. The melody becomes hypnotic as she sings: “Baby won’t you keep me, keep me for your love; Baby you see me, see me when I’m in the dark”. Gentle synths, drums and guitar riffs glimmer through the sweetness, reminiscent of the romantic 90s era. The beats grow with the chorus to create a song that is both dreamy and euphoric.

‘For Your Love’ is a track to be played loud, danced to terribly and sung shamelessly. It is an exciting preview of what we hope is much more to come from Qualia.

Written by Hannah Woodfield