Now Playing: Woodes – ‘Origami'

Friday, February 16, 2018

Melbourne producer Woodes is known for her sweeping ambient synths and percussive productions alongside her whimsical and dreamy vocals. While 'Origami' still has many of these elements, it’s a fresh take on what Woodes is ever-so-good at. 

'Origami' moves away from the moving and expansive pop hooks of 'Dots' and uses layering work, including choir loops, synths, woodwind instruments and Woodes’ softened signature percussive elements, to help create a soothing and boppy dance atmosphere — which is something that is easier to have a dance to or just sway along with. The track creates special moments throughout by occasionally stripping back the heavy layered sounds. 

'Origami' displays a new side to Woodes’ sound, coupling the use of her vocals and layers of sound to create a divine experience. There is a lot happening in this track which is a pleasure to the ear and it's truly an enjoyable track to listen too.

Written by Daniel Hanssen

You can stream ‘Origami' via Apple Music.

You can catch Woodes live this March, find out where here.