Album Review: The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

Monday, March 5, 2018

There aren’t many records produced by The Wombats that lack catchy, fast-paced music with the edgy Liverpool attitude to go with it. Though, The Wombats new album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life does exactly that. With high anticipation running off the back of the 2011 record Glitterbug, it’s hard to get into a proper rhythm with this album.

‘Turn’ and ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’ were both exciting and set a hopeful precedent for the rest of the album — though, fell over through the bottom order of songs. They still featured the signature Wombats chorus, but the overall sound felt like an experimental phase for the band. New sounds crept into the mix — leaving the deep synth guitar rhythms behind and songs rushed to pad out the rest of the song list.

The album weaves through notions of heartache and constant longing — which again flows on from album-to-album with the Wombats. The most unique part of the record is that each song is composed in a way that separates itself from one another. Aside from the vocals, the band’s sound is slightly less consistent in this album, as it tends to explore different tones and instruments in each song. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life tends to lack an overall sound with a variety of different instruments on each track. The vocals rarely change, though new instruments seem to creep their way into the songs.

Now this review isn’t all about what I found deflating, as there were some great findings to emerge from this record:
  1. The Wombats are trying to achieve a new sound and direction for the band. 
  2. Each song feels quite disconnected from one another but has the potential to align with peoples different music tastes. 
  3. Lets face it, Matthew Murphy is still tearing it up on vocals.

The Wombats have released a whole bunch of Northern Hemisphere tour dates, but have yet to announce tour dates in the Australian scene. Stay tuned for those dates.

Written by Jarred Morley (@JarredMorley)

You can purchase Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life here or stream it via Apple Music.