EP of the Week: Ruby Fields – Your Dad's Opinion for Dinner

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Since the release of 'I Want' in 2017, fans have been flocking to Ruby Fields’ sound. The down-to-earth artist recently released her EP, Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner.

Ruby opens the EP with her most recent single 'Ritalin' — which is the kind of song you want to belt out in the car when it comes on the radio. 'Ritalin' is catchy, and hearing that ripping guitar riff makes it immediately recognisable. Ruby uses her distorted, ear-catching guitar lines and raw vocals to tell a story. 'Ritalin' is punchy and has drive throughout the track — this allows the EP to start with a burst of energy.

Ruby pushes on into the EP with 'I Want'. The song is a change-up from the previous track, but it is still Ruby at her emotive best. 'I Want' sets up Ruby’s sound with its lively drum-kit kick, bobbing guitar riffs, high guitar solos and rumbling bass under the layers of sounds. An anthem for the youth, Ruby piles on life-affirming meaning and sound, and continues the driving nature of the EP.

There isn’t a drop in tempo for the EP, and 'P Plates' continues the strong momentum through the middle. Featuring a breaking drum-line and slightly distorted guitars, 'P Plates' works well to keep the flow of the project together – it’s a classic Ruby Fields’ track, with a touch of reality dripped into a lyrical song that is easy to both head-bang or dance along with. It’s a track that Ruby’s fans will be all too familiar with, but that doesn’t stop you from cranking up the stereo to belt out the lyrics along with her.

Keeping with the car theme, she leads into 'Libby’s Pink Car'. The track has an upbeat feeling – especially with rising and bobbing guitar hooks that lead into the chorus. 'Libby’s Pink Car' looks at the world through the lens of a teenage girl and the reality that she faces throughout life. The upbeat vibe appears like a lens to look through to see the real person underneath in the lyrics. It’s a brilliant song, and lyrically the song is poetic. She uses rhythmic expression to reflect the importance of the lyrics, building the tension and breaking it with the sombre teenage reality: “I don’t know”.

'Fairly Lame Fairly Tame' leads in with a kicking guitar that is reminiscent of a Beach Boys surfer vibe, with a thumping bass and pushing drums. After which, Ruby rips through with punchy  compelling vocals that are emphasised by a blunt tone, making it stand out in comparison to some of the other tracks. Interestingly, the tracks from 'Libby’s Pink Car' progressively start to have heavier undertones underlined in the lyrics with a happier layered sound underneath.

Ruby ends the EP with 'Redneck Lullaby'. 'Redneck Lullaby' ends the EP with a sense of lonely reality. With just her voice, nostalgic maturity and a somber acoustic guitar accompaniment, Ruby explains the woes of the world in the form of a sung letter and the remedy to forget it all: “grab a beer, and get on with it”. The acoustic guitar has a soft, sad edge to it, and works excellently alongside her vocal tone full of worry and melancholy. The track has a real connection with those in their mid-twenties exploring the world and trying to figure it all out. It also drives home Ruby’s emotions, leaving no room for more tracks on the EP.

The EP screams Ruby Fields and is full of her realistic pessimism – as described in 'Fairly Lame Fairly Tame'. It is this quality that sets Ruby apart from other artists. Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner is an excellent release; part emotional rollercoaster, part honest pessimism, but when combined, they suggest an expression of youth that encompasses everything that Ruby Fields sets out to achieve.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

You can purchase Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner here or stream it via Apple Music 

You can catch Ruby Fields live at the below shows:
23rd March - UOW UniBar Gardens, Wollongong 
29th March - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 
12th April - Jive Bar, Adelaide
13th April - The Sewing Room, Perth 
21st April - The Lair (Metro Theatre), Sydney 
24th April - The Foundry, Fortitude Valley 
Tickets are available via the link