Feature: The Ingredients of Human Is with In Capital

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tonight, In Capital are set to launch their debut album Human Is at The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood. Nick and Cam from the duo give us a little insight into the inspiration behind the album. If you want to catch them at their show tonight, doors open at 8:30pm — click here for more details on the launch.

The Grampians
Our recording took place on a farm, overlooking a lush green valley and upwards to Mt Sturgeon. We spent about 10 days there, where Cam would head down into the valley amongst gums, wildlife and the mountains and write lyrics to the music I was making back up at the house. So much about this album is influenced by the living world and you can literally hear the sound of the location in one of the tracks.

Roland Juno-6
Sometimes instruments are so perfectly suited to the music you want to make, you stumble upon one without really realising the gravity of their influence. Nick bought the Juno-6 around four years ago and it’s been part of our sound ever since. The Juno’s not particularly forgiving on timing but the sound… it sounds SO FUCKING GOOD. We both love this thing, it’s epic.

Glenlivet 12
Cam likes to warm up before singing… with scotch. Be it pre-gig, during, or in this case, before every vocal take laid down on our debut album. The Glenlivet 12 is a go-to bottle, and if that’s not on the shelves, the Talisker will do just fine. It’s a headspace more than anything, but no vocal take was completed without it. And being able to drink in mountainous views from floor to ceiling with scotch in hand, well, building a makeshift studio wherever we want certainly has its perks!

Of a Fire on the Moon
It’s the name of the final track on our album, and a book was written by Norman Mailer about the moon landing of ’69. But it’s about so much more, the influence that it had over a nation, the world, and the families that waited nervously for their loved-ones to return from the great unknown. This book was a huge influence on us when writing the lyrics for the album; Mailer’s prose – just impossible to reach, but so worth trying.

The Seinfeld De-Jam
We tend to cram a lot into our recording sessions, (we ended up with 18 demos in 10 days – 11 tracks making it onto the album). The intensity of the sessions takes their toll after heading deep into the night chasing the magical take. A practice we discovered when recording our EP became affectionately known as the ‘The Seinfeld De-Jam’. When your head is so jammed-up with the intensity of recording, you need to wind-down before you can sleep with something that doesn’t take up too much brainpower, something familiar, almost comforting to send you off to la la land. Enter Seinfeld: a half-hour episode at 2am, with Jerry, George and the rest of the gang – the perfect de-jamming. ‘The Seinfeld De-Jam

You can stream Human Is below: