Gig Review: Angie McMahon (feat. Hollie Joyce) | Melbourne | 9.3.18

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Howler in Brunswick was alive with the sound of two gaining superstars on Friday night when Angie McMahon played her largest headliner to date, along with some opening help from Hollie Joyce. Both displayed why they are going to be future forces to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Hollie Joyce is an interesting prospect in Australian music, especially with her individual (yet incredible) sound. Reminiscent of 50s rock 'n’ roll,  Hollie played with passion and a tenacious spark

Wild, but full of soul and charm, Hollie's nine-song set had everything a live music attendee would need from it. Opening with a track named 'Poster Girl', as well as playing tracks 'Bruise Me', 'No Sweat' and 'I’m A Dog', she tore up the usual vocal sounds floating in the Australian music scene and made the stage her own.

The stand out from Hollie’s set was her track 'Dumb Bitch' — a song written about her personal experience as a woman in the music industry. The song was raw and full of punch and zest. With some fiery vocals and a crowd singing along to the line: “I'm just a dumb bitch, no one understands”, the song connected with the audience and helped draw the crowd into the performance, and will keep Hollie fresh in everyone's memories.

Hollie closed with a track called 'Every Filthin’ Time', which had some real kick and was a perfect finisher for a set with some real impact.

Angie McMahon had a way with the crowd on Friday. Not only was her on-stage comments endearing and fun, but her music struck a chord with the people who were lucky enough to get a ticket before it sold out. The night also provided a chance for fans to experience some new music. Angie’s setlist was full of music unheard by most but a few attendees of her previous live performances, such as 'Keeping Time', 'Soon' and 'Standout'.

Angie’s voice has a unique quality; with deep, sultry lows and soaring highs, which helped her make light work of songs with deep emotional themes in them whilst accenting the builds and swells that come along with her songs.

Her band, Lachlan O’Kane and Alex O’Gorman, were also an incredible asset to the overall sound, creating a depth and drive in the music that can only be delivered when a band is completely in tune and having fun, which all three of them were. The constant laughing, joking and all-around jovial attitude on stage directly reflected how well they worked as a team — with the bass and drum lines able to perfectly fit with Angie’s timing and presence as a vocalist.

Despite her amazing talent as an artist, in the end, Angie is just as human as the rest of us, pulling faces if she rarely missed a chord and often humorously rambling between songs — including explaining the meaning of the Whistle Song halfway through the song rather than at the beginning. This is what helped build the show — the quirks and personality that makes Angie’s music so easy to connect with are just as lively and on display during her performances; her raw honesty and fun was directly reflected to the crowd and built the atmosphere tenfold.

Angie’s two released tracks, 'Missing Me' and 'Slow Mover' were showstoppers for the night, drawing the crowd into contagious sing-a-longs and orchestrating a consistent buzz of excitement when both songs began. The heavy and reverberating chords of 'Missing Me' drew a large cheer, with Angie’s strong vocals displaying the strengths of the new single, and much of the crowd knew the words even though the recording has been out for only a couple of weeks.

Closing on 'Slow Mover', Angie was a little taken aback from the massive reaction from the crowd. The song was the biggest hit of the night, with cheering, excitement and every single participant in the crowd singing the track word-for-word. The song was taken to a different level live, with the love and energy from her fans funnelled into her music. Angie’s expressive and passionate singing was especially prominent in this song, and helped put the perfect full stop on an evening of musical fun.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

If you're looking for tix to Angie McMahon's remaining dates, they're sold out! Below are the shows remaining on her tour:
14th March - The Gasometer, Melbourne (w/ Hollie Joyce)
15th March - The Lansdowne, Sydney (w/ Tesse)

You can find Angie McMahon online here: