Gig Review: LANKS | Melbourne | 15.3.18

Monday, March 19, 2018

Thursday night provided the perfect cherry on top for Will Cuming, better known as LANKS. After potentially the most exciting week of his life, which included dropping a new single 'Twentyseven' as well as getting married to his long-time partner Tacey, LANKS was ecstatic to finish the week with a sold-out show at Melbourne's Howler. With two remarkable Australian acts to preface his set in Elliot and Samsaruh, the night turned out to be a celebration of LANKS and all things Australian music.

Elliot provided a touch of soul to the evening — with her powerful vocals and sweet sustained keys providing a slow build into the show. Her six-song set showcased her growing talent as an artist, with songs 'Figure It Out' and her closer 'Over and Over', providing real drive in her set. For her first live show, Elliot was full of confidence and pep, giving the illusion that she has been performing on stages longer — an excellent step in the right direction for a young performer.

Samsaruh pushed the show into second gear with her relentless energy and powerful sound — constantly jumping, dancing and moving to her songs. She also Introduced some new songs as well as her two current released singles. 'Where Do All The Angels Go' was a slower take from the usual relentless energy of Samsaruh, with blue light dousing the stage. Finishing with two of her biggest singles 'Golden To Thrive' and 'Beautiful Killer'. Samsaruh hit both tracks out of the park — with her sublime, rising highs in the chorus and smoky lows in the verses, partnering that with attacking and punching guitars.

LANKS opened his performance with favourite 'Golden Age' and quickly fell into some of his other hits, such as 'Comfortable', 'Bitter Leaf' and 'April'. LANKS was also kind enough to introduce an up-and-comer from his soon to be released debut album Twentyseven, 'Horoscopes'. The song was a wonderful combination of sounds using the full array of available instruments on stage — it was a surefire way of having the crowd become excited for his upcoming album.

He also performed an incredible cover of Billie Eilish’s 'Watch'. Not only was he able to keep the elements of 'Watch' that Eilish used to make it pop, but instilled his own personality into the song with his sweet and smooth vocals. The backing instruments also helped play a large role in setting the sound, bringing LANKS’ exciting and colourful brand of sound to create a whole new song.

Two of LANKS’ biggest hits followed the cover, 'My Own Mystery', leading into 'Holla'. 'My Own Mystery' had the crowd on a string, with LANKS and Jess working interchanging their vocals in perfect sync creating a mellow mood through their collective work. 'Holla' moments later had the crowd pumping — with a large dance pit forming towards the front of stage; with the heavy bass hits helping to create a fun, beat-filled atmosphere that was easy to move too.

The band played a massive part in helping to create the atmospheres for all the tracks and making the live show what it was, with up to seven different instrumentalists, which filled out the sound around LANKS.

The tour's focus, and LANKS’ newest single release 'Twentyseven', was an immediate hit with the crowd. Having only two days to learn the song’s lyrics didn’t hold the crowd back from singing them back to LANKS, near word-for-word. It was a pleasing scene, showing the true love of LANKS’ work and the power of his music. Funnily, to much laughter from the crowd, LANKS preempted the track by letting the crowd know first and foremost he's no longer twenty seven.

Will finished on an emotional climax, closing his performance at Howler with the song he played when he proposed with to his now wife Tacey. It was the highlight of the performance and well worth the wait, having a seven person compliment on stage and bringing back both Samsaruh and Elliot to help sing backing vocals amongst the rowdy, yet wholesome chorus from the crowd. It was a telling moment for everyone when Will changed the final lyric of the song to “Tacey, will you marry me”.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

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