Interview: Cautious Clay on Blood Type, identity and remaining independent

Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's only March and Cautious Clay has already had a massive 2018. Cautious Clay released his debut EP Blood Type in February — the result, a complete release that blends his introspective lyricism and observations of the world. We had the chance to ask him about Blood Type, working in solitude and remaining independent.

Congratulations on the release of your first EP Blood Type. The lyrics throughout the project are personal and introspective. What methods did you use when writing the lyrics on the EP? 
Thank you! I really called on a lot of my experiences in finding identity in my life especially when talking about my relationships with partners, family, or people I have to interface with. A lot of my production inspiration I draw from is confided in a balance between instrumental organic production/hip-hop elements.

You explore identity throughout the project, were there any challenges that you encountered with this?
Yeah! I feel like being genuine without coming off corny is something a lot of writers have problems with so I like to write from a personal viewpoint while also making my word choices interesting. If I'm talking about love, for instance, there are obviously a million different ways to do that so I wanna make it engaging.

You did the production, which is really cool! Do you enjoy the solitude of working alone? 
Totally, I like to have creative control in both aspects of the process. I guess it just depends on the type of mood I am in. I def like to collaborate but yeah it just depends.

Were there any tracks that didn't make the cut on the EP? 
Yeah, a few I guess from that time period. I made quite a bit of music so some ideas had to be left off.

Apart from music, are there other art-forms that inspire you? 
I definitely draw and try to design quite a bit. The art for my project I helped bring to life with friends actually. I've also been into directing videos especially for my own project doing shot lists and concepts.

What are some of the benefits of releasing your music independently? 
I have full control over the process and a clear vision about what type of music I wanna be putting out. It also allows me to grow with my fan base organically and build out something without having to answer to a whole other group of people who may or may not get the project.

What advice do you have for emerging artists who are unsure about whether they should release independently or sign with a label? 
Make sure you have a sound, or you are at least working toward your own sound that you are comfortable with before considering label deals.

Do you hope to come to Australia one day? 
Hell yeah. definitely a place I plan to visit and tour one day

You can purchase Blood Type here or stream it via Apple Music

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Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

(Photo by Dean Luis)