Interview: Questions with Emily from Superorganism

Friday, March 2, 2018

Get excited, Superorganism released their self-titled debut album today! We had the chance to ask Emily about the album, where they recorded it and advice for artists who want to link-up with each other online.

Congratulations on the impending release of your debut album, do you have any pre-release nerves?

Nah not really. It’s just really exciting! We’ll finally be a real band rather than a band with only four songs out lol.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating the album?

The tricky part was knowing which songs belong on the first album. We have SO many songs and so much art stuff. So it’s a process of putting it all together in a way that works well.

Where did you record the album?

We did it all in our bedrooms, between London, Maine in the USA and Sydney in Australia. We also mixed the record ourselves at home and we do all the visual art and cover art and video art.

What was your favourite part from the recording process?

We have a kind of collage approach to songwriting where we send files to each other, adding little bits and pieces as we go. My favourite part is when you start hearing it all come together. All eight personalities kind of melding into one.

The visuals for your show are really cool! Where do you get the ideas for your visuals?

Robert Strange is our guy in the band who does all the video art and projections and all that. He’s a genius. He gets a lot of inspiration from the different eras of internet culture. We all share gifs and funny stuff all the time so it’s a natural extension of our friendship group.

I read that you all came together via the internet. What was it like when you all finally met in person?

We weren’t all in the same room together until after we finished our album in August last year. It was really cool to all be in the same room, able to get the live show together and everything. We now live all together in the same house in London, but we still often work together by sending files and chatting over Facebook or whatsapp.

What advice do you have for musicians who are looking to make connections with other creatives online?

Just make cool shit and put it out there. Do your own thing. That’s what all of us have always done.

You can purchase Superorganism’s self-titled album here or stream it via Apple Music