Premiere: Iluka – ‘Ritual’

Friday, March 9, 2018

Today, we’re stoked to premiere Iluka’s charming new single ‘Ritual’. 

‘Ritual’ showcases Iluka’s clever knack for songwriting and story-telling. The words featured in ‘Ritual’ are an ode to embracing solitude, which is something many listeners can relate to. On the track, she says: 
“When I wrote 'Ritual' it was quite melancholic and full of longing and sadness. The original demo is slow and kind of heart breaking. I was in this place of loneliness, this bitter sweet kind of feeling that comes after a relationship has ended and you're reflecting back and in this self searching phase trying desperately to figure out who you are again. Then as I began playing it with the band and eventually took it into the studio, it became more of this celebration and defiant kind of song.”

If you love ‘Ritual’ as much as we do, the track is also the title track of her forthcoming EP, which is due to drop on 6th April! Also, Iluka is set to embark on a tour around the country to celebrate the EP's release. Find out where you can her live below.

You can listen to Iluka's new single 'Ritual' now:

You can catch Iluka on tour at the below dates. Tickets are available here:
6th April - Mo's Clubhouse, Gold Coast
7th April - Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane 
12th April - Transit Bar, Canberra (*free entry)
14th April - Grace Darling, Melbourne 
20th April - Rad Bar, Wollongong 
21st April - Waywards, Sydney