Premiere: Tara Simmons – 'Achromatopsia'

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Today, we bring you Tara Simmons’ brand new single ‘Achromatopsia’. The single is an intriguing insight into the condition of a Achromatopsia — which causes partial or full loss of colour. Those with full Achromatopsia are unable to see any colours except for black and white, as well as some grey tones.  

On writing the heartfelt and thought-provoking song, Tara said, “I wrote this after reading the first chapter of Oliver Sax's book ‘An Anthropologist From Mars’, a story about a painter who suddenly went colour blind. Many of the lyrics in the song are pretty much of a game of redacted text from the story. It was a writing tool I was experimenting with at the time.”

In recent times, Tara has been undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. In a statement, she says, “It really pulled everything into perspective and I immediately knew then that another record was what I wanted to do.” 

You can listen to Tara Simmons' stunning new single 'Achromatopsia' below: