Video Premiere: G Elenil – 'Good Time'

Monday, March 26, 2018

Brisbane-based G Elenil today releases the music clip for her single 'Good Time'. G Elenil can do it all — from creating music, producing, visual art and owning a streetwear label (psst: it's called Plane Street, and it's available here). 'Good Time', which is set to feature on her forthcoming EP Kin,  is another slice of G Elenil's magical artistry.

The video for 'Good Time' portrays scenes of the end of the world, with only two people left. The music clip also crosses to a party. Whereas being the last two people on earth might be a nightmarish situation for some, the video shows a different perspective through the use of cinematic footage to show that beauty can be found amongst isolation and quietness. On the video G Elenil says, "Wide cinematic shots and subtle interpersonal cues will be the defining features of the video, producing an understanding that in this struggle, the deep bond between these characters is what is keeping them moving forward through the apparently dead world."

If you like what you hear, G Elenil's EP Kin is due for release on 4th May! Watch this space.

You can find G Elenil online below: