Gig Review: BØRNS | Howler | Melbourne | 27.03.18

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Michiganian specimen BØRNS (Ultimatum), aka. Garrett “Gazza” Borns, abracadabra-ed his music on us in a snug room at an artsy North Melbourne bar Tuesday night – so snug that a front-rower could hug Gaz’s legs with 20/20 vision of his nostril hairs if they gazed up. A potent and lingering, woody, cardamom fragrance sealed inside a dark cologne bottle dusted with flecks of cigarette ash and broken glass can be said this gig’s bodily functions.

Fellow Melbournian Woodes welcomes the evening in a grandiose billowing Friar Tuck brown drapery of an outfit that looks utterly comfy with little to none prospects of mid-performance chafing. She sangz and bangz her way through her set lending Woodes to be a crowd positive opener. Her tribal-esque ‘animals running in the wild’ sound has the ability to transcend to a bigger venue and feature a variety of aiding jungle-ly Lion King the Musical visuals.

At this point, people are half tipsy judging by their boisterous slurs of excitement even further enhanced as BØRNS' struts on stage wearing racks-on-racks black-on-black blouse and trouser combo with ‘punch you in the face’ rings and eyes disguised behind yellow-tinted Bono shades.

“He would make an ideal vampire, or give him a wand and here we shall witness a magic show”

From a quick Wikipedia, ironically enough Garrett was, in fact, a professional working magician as a child back in humble days. Tonight, the musician’s entrance was first acknowledged more so by rows of millennial infants’ Snapchat lenses on the ready rather than actual eyeballs.

BØRNS metaphorically relates the upcoming set to a fruit and cheese platter. Three of his four-piece band is female, almost have to look twice seeing a woman on drums with a male front, a very refreshing sight. ‘American Money’ and Spotify most streamed ‘Electric Love’ are crowd favourites, but ‘Holy Ghost’ though...yum, has us groovin' like Barry Gibb in a pair of nice tight white flares. Not knowing much of BØRNS’ repertoire of music, hearing ‘Holy Ghost’ for the first time (and live) is farkin delicious, feel somewhat mad at myself for having not discovered this tune before. The bass riff is salivation-worthy.

Can't quite pinpoint why there is this oddly melancholy feeling in the air at times. Melancholy or just infatuated minds? Perhaps it was merely the alluring hypnotizing drug of music. Or dehydration. Fiddy bucks for around an hour and a half of non-stop music is pretty bang for your buck though.
BØRNS transports us to another dimension during his intimate show allowing the audience to zone out for a bit to escape the harsh realities of life only making us more intrigued to see what he has in store next on his creative agenda.

Written by Sally Hui (@Sally__hui)

(Photo via BØRNS' FB)