Gig Review: The Jungle Giants | 170 Russell | Melbourne | 06.04.18

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Since their inception, The Jungle Giants have become known for high spirit and exciting live performances — Friday night was no exception to this. Combining with their two openers, Evan Klar and Alice Ivy, there was something for everyone as the evening progressed.


Evan Klar was an exciting opening act for the night, using his indie-rock fused with percussive elements. Playing tracks from his recent album, Deepest Creatures, Evan Klar pumped up the crowd early to kick-start the evening of fun with his energetic tracks 'Sleep' and 'Shoulders'.

His song 'Deepest' had a real pull — moving away from the frenetic rhythm-driven tracks during his set. The mellowed sounds from the band in 'Deepest' and his softer vocals suited the mood of the song particularly well. It also allowed for a brief reprieve before he fired the power back up through
'Selfish' and his closing track 'Barefoot'.


Alice Ivy was the ultimate opening act for The Jungle Giants. She wowed everyone with her wild production and her boundless energy, which quickly transferred into the crowd.

She was the ever-gracious host, constantly asking if everyone in the speedily growing room were ready to for The Jungle Giants — amping everyone up to dance, sing and groove alongside her and the music.

She crashed through her near hour set, playing many of her fan favourites, including hits off of her most recent album I’m Dreaming, including 'Chasing Stars', 'Be Friends', 'Charlie' and 'Touch' before closing out her set with 'Get Me A Drink' causing the crowd to erupt into hysteria, belting the lyrics of the song back at her while she drove home a scintillating guitar solo.


The Jungle Giants made a strong impression, showcasing their particular energetic zest and whimsical style. They again reminded their mass following of fans why they are an exciting force as live performers. The stage set up was somewhat different from other shows the band has previously performed — featuring three large light up cubes, the symbol from their album forcing Keelan and Cesira up on to platforms on either side of the installation.

Coming off the back of their 2017 release Quiet Ferocity, The Jungle Giants rolled through a setlist containing the best fro, the album, jumping immediately into 'On Your Way Down' to start their set off at full charge. They then moved through 'She’s A Riot', 'Anywhere Else', 'Waiting For A Sign', 'You’ve Got Something' before the signature track of the album, 'Quiet Ferocity'.

'In The Garage' was the slowing moment of the set, and gave both Sam Hales and Cesira Aitken some breathing room. As the two leads left the stage for a few moments, the crowd were delighted and entertained by the rhythm section with Keelan Bijker’s drumming and Andrew Dooris creating smooth, funky bass lines that perfectly complimented the drumming alongside some fun solos.

They then rolled through 'I Am What You Want Me To Be', 'Bad Dream' and 'Used To Be In Love' to end the major part of their set. The intensity of the performance was electric within The Jungle Giant’s set, with the band’s cultivated sound of low bouncing bass, driving punchy drums, Cesira’s zippy guitar lines and Sam’s jubilant vocals, so well known from their recordings, coming alive on the stage. They were also accompanied by a light show that smoothly complimented the music of The Jungle Giants and help facilitate a mood to help people dance, sing and have fun with the band.

The Jungle Giants’ encore was a short one, made up of only two songs, but their selection of tracks made it worthwhile. They played both, 'People Always Say', a debut live performance, before the band tied up their set with an extended rendition of 'Feel The Way I Do'. The track was a perfect end to their set, bringing a high powered and exceptionally fun end to what Sam called one of the “most exciting” shows they had played.

It was a little disheartening to see the band have to walk off of the stage, much like a rollercoaster, as soon as the set begun it was over, but every individual who attended the event would have walked away cheerful after The Jungle Giants gave us all an awe-inspiring performance.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

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