Gig Review: Pseudo Mind Hive | The Evelyn Hotel | Melbourne

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hailing from Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, Pseudo Mind Hive (PMH) are killing it in the live music scene at the moment. After the release of their singles 'Highway to the Purple Sky', and 'Don’t look the Wizard in the Eye', PMH are settling in for a residency at The Evelyn Hotel for two more weeks in April.

The kick off to their residency was nothing short of huge, and I mean huge in the most literal sense I can possibly use it in. With the fuzzy crunch of their riffs, thrash and crash of the drums, and the reverb-laden vocals of a giant, PMH’s sound is forever going to be innovative. They crush up elements of the greats such as Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd, and mix them up with some of the more recent artists to hit the scene such as ORB and Elder to create their own yummy mix of psychedelic granola for us to ingest.

Another thing the band has going for them is their ability to get you so lost in their music that you lose track of time. Through their very carefully crafted song structures that effortlessly turn a single riff into a 10-minute odyssey, they transport you from castle to forest, beach to underworld in seemingly no time at all. A 40-minute set turned into 5 minutes of bliss in the blink of an eye, only leaving me wanting more and feeling the need to return to the rest of their residency shows.

Every week at the residency they are housing different visual artists to fill the band room with their lovely art and eventually join the gang on stage to create pieces live. This week featured Martha Dawson, an abstract painter who uses patterns and colour to create beautiful artscapes that melt you into a different world as you get lost in the many little intricacies that hide in plain sight in her works. Also helping out the band was digital artist Robbie Broadstock who brought the music to life with his visuals gracing the stage, putting the perfect cherry on top of the most perfect performances.

If you have a big appetite for anything doom, sludge, psychedelic and anything in between then Pseudo Mind Hive are the band for you. They have two more nights left for the residency happening every Tuesday night at The Evelyn so do yourself a favour and head on down for some bevs, bands, and beautiful art.

Written by Jaspar Robinson

Pseudo Mind Hive's final two residency shows will take place on Tuesday 10th April and Tuesday 17th April. More information is available here.

To have a glimpse at Martha Dawson's art, click here.

You can find Pseudo Mind Hive online below:

(Photo by Daniella Petani)