Interview: Hopium on 'Leave', London life and travelling

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

London-based but Australian-born Hopium has had a busy start of the year. Hopium shared his single 'Leave' recently, as well as an incredible lyric video to accompany it. We had the chance to ask him about the single, the video, travelling as well as missing home.

Congrats on releasing your single 'Leave' last month. I read somewhere that you tried to write the song from another perspective. Was it difficult writing from another point-of-view?
Thank you! I’m nearly always trying to build a story and a character when I write. It is difficult sometimes, yes, but I draw from real life and try to think of different situations and feelings that I’ve experienced. I didn’t fully anticipate that people would assume that it’s me doing all those horrible things, but I don’t think it would carry the same weight if it wasn’t in first person.

What aspects of heartache did you want to capture on the track?
I guess I was trying to capture the tragic end of love. The fact that it makes us allow crazy things; total contradictions and betrayals that we wouldn’t accept in other situations. How we can be so hurtful to those we love? It really makes no sense but we’ve all seen it so many times.

The lyric video for the track looks really cool. How long did it take to create it?
We shot for 4 nights in Berlin. It was freezing and we worked until dawn most nights. A friend and I went to each location with a projector and a generator and projected the lyrics onto the walls, trees, etc. I’m not sure whether we needed to actually do that, but once we started we had to commit! The edit took me a few days, stitching together all the images and filming the outro footage.

You now live in London, which must be awesome. How does London inspire you as a creative?
It is awesome! I love Australia and it will always be my home, but I’m really enjoying London and tapping into a different energy. I really feel the competition and drive that so many people have. There’s an out of control feeling to London which I think encourages creative freedom.

You’ve travelled quite a bit. Do you find much inspiration when travelling and is it something you enjoy channelling during the writing process?
I love travelling. Once I left Australia I just kept moving - I’m not sure whether I was searching or running but I had so many experiences along the way. I’d never spent so much time alone with my own thoughts before, which was challenging. There were massively high moments where I connected with incredible people and some low moments when I was really lonely and would start to question everything I was doing. I had to push through that and all of it goes straight into the music.

Is there anything you miss about Australia? 
There’s so much I miss about Australia!! The people, my friends, the food (I love Asian food - London has nothing on Melbourne for that), the weather and just everything. I definitely didn’t leave because I don’t like Australia - I think I just needed an adventure.

Written by Amy Smolcic

If you enjoyed 'Leave' as well as the lyric video, Hopium also just shared a live video of the track:

You can find Hopium online below: