EP Review: Launder – Pink Cloud

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Launder caught our attention earlier this year after the release of his stirring single 'Annie Blue' and since then, we've been eagerly anticipating the release of his debut EP Pink Cloud. LA-based Launder uses the five tracks of Pink Cloud to give listeners an introduction to his artistry and style.

The opener 'Wonder' is a hazy number that is enwrapped in dimmed instrumentals, weighty guitars and overcast vocals. All these elements interfuse into one another, resulting in the ever-so-introspective and reflective 'Wonder'. The opening track presents the backdrop of Pink Cloud and invites listeners into what can be expected as the EP progresses.

As mentioned earlier, 'Annie Blue' is how we initially stumbled across Launder. The emotional weighting of the track never dissipates and remains evident with every listen. Though there are aspects of 'Annie Blue' that are dreamy, the track is much more complex than this. The track's soaring choruses are galvanizing and not only lift the track, but have a rousing effect on the listener. 'Annie Blue' is further evidence that beauty can be found in melancholy.

The shadowy-nature of the two prior tracks continues on the next track 'Keep You Close'. Soko's vocals bring light and their clouded vocal harmonies are a highlight. The words are contemplative and radiate amongst the dreary (yet exquisite) 90s retro vibes.

'Fade' is another sentimental number that will pull at your heartstrings, especially with lyrics such as "Little darling, oh we've wasted / Many days / Passion passing, others laughing / Like always". Launder's vocals are supported by Soko, which injects a dose of dreaminess into the track. Their vocal harmonies are once again euphonic and blend together beautifully. The EP concludes with 'Follow Me Down', which encapsulates the EP sublimely.

Pink Cloud is a fitting introduction for Launder, who has presented a debut EP that flows with ease and confidence.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Purchase Pink Cloud here or stream it via Apple Music.