Event Review: The Squeeze | The Evelyn, Melbourne | 6.5.18

Saturday, May 12, 2018

With Aaron Gocs MCing the event, Lime Cordiale's ‘The Squeeze’ mini-festival took off on Sunday afternoon, with Approachable Members Of Your Local Community and Bootleg Rascal joining Lime Cordiale, the list of artists was slightly down on the over eighteens show at The Corner Hotel, but the three bands proved to be more than enough to create an afternoon of musical entertainment and memories for the young crowd who were lucky enough to head down to the Evelyn Hotel on Sunday.

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community helped set the pace of the festival as the first act up on the stage. Clad in their Adidas jumpsuits, the band was welcomed on stage to large cheers.

While the band is still somewhat small, their on-stage banter and joking have helped them quickly build popularity along with their funk/jazz and rock music fusion akin to an artist like Winston Surfshirt but with more jazz. With a large horn line in the front, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community filled the room with their music. Led by their vocalist Josh Blashki, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community rolled through a swath of new songs, soon to be released tracks and their two exciting singles, 'Semiotic Vision' and 'Millenium Queen'.

Their set's standout was their first 2018 release, 'Semiotic Vision'. The song has something special, between the slow, rumble of the low bopping, funk bass line, the squealing horn lines through the Trumpet or sax closing out the track, and the leading group vocals through the back-end of the chorus you could see the band really gelled well and they really loved the brand of music they’re producing.

Closing on the soon to be classic of their repertoire, 'Millenium Queen', Approachable Members Of Your Local Community would have made a memorable mark on the audience and definitely have been marked for one to watch over the coming years.


Bootleg Rascal switched gears slightly while keeping the mass of people’s engine at full power, they moved away from the jazzy roots of Approachable Members and the soon to be on stage Lime Cordiale. The band, already well known for their rock, hip-hop and reggae fusion was a brilliant choice as a bit of a palate cleanser between the two funk heavy artists. Playing an eleven track set, mainly focusing on their previous album, Asleep In The Machine and singles, bringing to the stage
'Asleep In The Machine', 'With You', 'Oh I Know and Shade'.

'Mercy' a track joining the band’s next album, was the perfect live example of the band’s fusion ethic, with smooth catchy hooks taking hold in the chorus and a grooving reggae tuned verse. Yet, the bridge was full of their lead vocalist; Carlos Lara’s rapping bringing the song together and with it the final piece of what makes them such an interestingly popular act.

'Drop the Gun' closed out the bands set, a Bootleg Rascal classic A popular choice for the finish of their set, with Carlos’ edgy vocals pumping with a heavy reggae guitar lines and rocking drums, the crowd could have happily gone home knowing they had seen a brilliant set of music, but Bootleg Rascal was only the beginning of the fun, with Lime Cordiale soon arriving on the stage for the highlights of the afternoon.


Lime Cordiale was an onstage riot, exciting, flamboyant and as talented as any band that holds their own festival can be. Filling the Evelyn hotel with their brand of smooth, funky, indie-rock fusion the band rocked the afternoon. With a setlist especially cultivated to bring out the fun in their fans, Lime Cordiale ran through many of their popular hits, including 'Is He Your Man?', 'Up In The Air', 'Can I Be Your Lover', 'Waking Up Easy' and 'Walk Over Everything I Do'.

Lime Cordiale quickly stepping into some of their biggest tracks, avoiding the faux paus of ‘saving the best for last’, playing 'Waking Up Easy', 'Can I Be Your Lover' and 'Naturally' in quickfire succession. These songs, mostly making up the backbone of their Permanent Vacation album helped the fans understand Lime Cordiale was here to have a good time. Looking relaxed and bouncing around on the stage, Lime Cordiale was in their element at the Evelyn.

'What Is Growing Up?' Hit a particular chord with the young mob with the song causing them to hit fever pitch, for many of the students looking down the barrel of exams and university the song is probably a realistic question as they helped belt back the lyrics to Lime Cordiale during the chorus. The vocal and horn driven track is something easy to dance too, the crowd being more than happy to oblige, before Louis brought out the closing manic laughter off the recording to close the song.

It was the creative instrumental choices that helped make Lime Cordiale’s live performance jump at you. With moments like Oli jumping on the clarinet through 'Walk Over Everything I Do' to bust out out a jazzy solo and help create another instrumental layer to add to the overall slow funk feel of the track. Live the clarinet popped and helped boost , with Louis’ vocals painting a vivid musical pictures through his whimsical tone lazily floating through the air as the rest of the band created a relaxing atmosphere to fill out the track. 

Some of Lime Cordiale’s most popular songs 'Hanging Upside Down' and 'Temper Temper', were the finale of the festival and a culmination of an event made for enjoyment, fun and letting loose for a bit. 'Hanging Upside Down' somehow managed to raise the energy levels further, even though it seemed to be impossible at this point. The bass heavy start to the track and thrilling hooks helped raise the excitement one last notch before the end.

Having a little jab at Sydney before stepping into Temper Temper, Louis explaining “We know it’s a one sided battle between Sydney and Melbourne”, much to the applause of the Melbourne audience.
Announcing their last song 'Temper Temper', Lime Cordiale was welcomed by excited cheers, the band managing to have every single person in the crowd, singing and clapping along with them. The song already one of their most popular recordings came alive up on the stage, with all of the different rhythmic lines through their instruments creating a musical web. This was accompanied by Louis’ hard working, cheerfully loose vocals as him and Oli danced their way to the finish of the festival.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)