Interview: Questions with Essie Holt

Friday, May 4, 2018

Essie Holt’s recent endeavours into the Australian music scene have seen some great results and have already left a mark. Essie has released two singles, 'Underwater' and 'Magnetise' over the past six months, she’s also completed a tour of her own and soon to be opening for the likes of Lime Cordiale, GLADES and contributing to the upcoming Rare Finds tour with MUKI and Teischa. Luckily, we managed to ask Essie about recording, touring, her favourites artists and the Instagram for her puppy, Leonardo.

Congrats on your recent release of 'Magnetise' it a well put together track something great to move too, did you enjoy the tour that accompanied it?
Thanks!! It was one of those songs that came together really quickly. I wrote it on Christmas Eve with my friend Mark (Fractures) and it quickly became one of my favourites. Was so excited to release it and the response it’s gotten has been super lovely. The Magnetise tour was the best fun - we played shows in Sydney & Melbourne and it was so cool to play to new faces. Playing live is my favourite part of this whole thing!

On the note of touring, are you excited for the upcoming run of 'Rare Finds’ shows alongside some of the other exciting upcoming Australian act such as ‘’MUKI’’ and ’Teischa’? What does it mean to tour with such exciting talents? 
I am so excited for these shows! Teischa is a friend of mine and she is such an incredible performer, and I’m really keen to see MUKI play - she’s so great. It’s going to be a great night celebrating female talent and I’m particularly excited cos it will be my first ever show in Brisbane!

In regards to released recordings, you're pretty new to the scene, was it a nervous decision to break in or were you certain about entering the industry when you dropped ‘Underwater’? 
I felt SO supported right from the start. I think particularly in Melbourne (where I’m from) there’s a really lovely community of artists and industry who are all looking out for each other. I also wanted to make sure I had a body of work ready to go so that when I started releasing I could keep going, because I guess in those early stages it’s really important to keep releasing and building on any momentum that’s happening etc.

What’s it like being an Independent artist in an industry that is moving more and more towards commercialisation? 
Once again I’ve found everyone super supportive. I have a lot of friends who are independent artists and it’s been nice having them there if I have any questions! I guess I just have to be really smart with budgeting and all of that stuff, but generally it’s really great. People are nice :)

I've just seen that you've released a video clip for 'Magnetise', was it an enjoyable experience and did you like the end result? 
It was such a dream making that clip and working with my director Josh Harris from Welcome the Machines. Our visions totally aligned, and he had the most amazing team that made everything so smoothly. We filmed it on a rooftop in Melbourne and by the end of the shoot it was SO windy, a lot of my wardrobe blew away and we later found it in the street. We also had a marquee that blew onto someone’s roof and they weren’t too impressed… But I’m so happy with how the clip turned out!

Who are three artists you're absolutely in love with at the minute, what makes them so special to you? Ah yessss, I love this question because there’s so many amazing artists out there. On a local level it’s Odette - I think she’s a super talent and I love her writing style. Also, Eliott - her voice is absolutely phenomenal and so powerful live. Internationally I’m pretty obsessed with Sigrid. The inflections in her voice are so unique and she sure can move around the stage. Was lucky enough to catch her live the other month when she was in Aus, and she’s just such a cool human.

Lastly, I just wanted to ask about the Instagram for your puppy, Leonardo the French Bulldog, he seems very popular with a massive following!? What spurred you to create a page for him? 
Hahaha. Leo is the love of my life, he’s always by my side and sits on my lap when I play piano. He’s a snorty little gremlin! I made an Insta account for him when we got him 3 years ago cos I just wanted it to be like a photo album of his life. I only really intended for it to be for us, but it escalated very quickly, and the account now has over 30K followers! Sometimes we get invited to restaurants and get free food in exchange for a post on Leo’s Instagram… It’s hilarious but I’ll take free food and drinks any day thanks.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

Essie Holt is set to appear during the below dates:

Supporting Lime Cordiale and Bootleg Rascal
Saturday 5th May | The Squeeze Festival - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Supporting GLADES
Friday 18th May | The Workers Club, Melbourne (*Sold Out*)
Saturday 19th May 19 | The Workers Club, Melbourne (2nd Show)
Saturday 26th May | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (*Sold Out*)

Supporting Muki and Teischa
Friday 15th June | Rare Finds @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday 22nd June | Rare Finds @ Penny Black, Melbourne
Saturday 23rd June | Rare Finds @ OAF Gallery, Sydney