Interview: Questions with LANKS

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Emotion, meaning and connection are all things we look for in the music we listen too, but we don’t always find it. Cue Melbourne via Sydney artist LANKS, who bares it all on his debut album twentyseven. Putting together all of the highs and lows of life so far, LANKS has created an emotional masterpiece that conveys much more than many songs could ask for. We were lucky enough to ask LANKS a few questions about his album, the feelings placed in it and what’s led him up to this moment.

I’d Like to start by congratulating you on your recent single, upcoming debut album twentyseven and wedding, it seems like it's all coming together for you! I really feel like twentyseven offers a lot of insight into your life story laid out as an album, is that the essence you were trying to portray through the album?

Yes, absolutely. Since it’s my first full album I’ve ever done it felt like it had to encapsulate the whole of this first chapter of my life. The whole thing had a feeling of reconnecting with my younger self and working out what things are important in my life where it stands. I wanted to make this art as personal as I could and really talk honestly.

Throughout your time recording the album and producing the singles, was there a moment that really stood out as pivotal to the creation of the album for you?

There were several, but one that does stand out is when I was at home with my best friend Will (who also did the design work on the album) and the album had just finally emerged into a full and solid creation (still very rough). We made breakfast and listened to it the whole way through and it all made sense. Songs flowed into each other (very very deliberately), the narrative felt clear and the journey of the album was exciting. We both knew it was getting there.

You seem to have your hands in a lot of different instruments, does knowing how to play a variety of instruments outside of production affect the creative process?

Playing instruments usually helps the creative process because I don’t have to spend too long on an instrument to make it sing if it’s one I have been playing for a long time at least. It also gives the added flexibility that when things aren’t working you can move to another instrument. I think of production as just another instrument anyway so it’s a similar tool that requires technique learning and experimentation.

In your track ‘Icarus', the closing line is a proposal to your wife, what was it like putting such a big moment into a recorded track?

Pretty nerve-wracking as you can imagine. I knew I wanted to propose and being a nostalgic romantic I also knew I wanted it to be special and personal. I have written countless songs for Tacey now and I’m not sure one will ever top this one. What was originally a nice song has been imbued with all our happy memories and experiences of being engaged and our wedding. It’s nice to have those moments immortalised in a song.

You've just come off a tour for the ‘My Own Mystery’ single release, how was it?

The tour was incredible. Every show sold out and the energy in each room felt electric. It’s amazing to see so many people singing the lyrics back to me for these songs. At the Melbourne show I also played Icarus (the song I proposed on) with extra vocals from Eliot and Samsaruh, as well as cello for a lot of that show, and that was a pretty special moment.

What’s the thing you look forward to the most after the release of the album?

The tour will be really fun. But besides that, I am probably most looking forward to releasing the next batch of music I am working on. I’m always like that, excited for the next thing. I only say that because I was creating this album for a lot of last year and before and now it’s about to be yours. When it’s out in the world it’s not mine anymore, it’s for you to make it what you want. And while you’re doing that I’m busy creating new things. I’ve got lots of ideas.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

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