Now Playing: LALKA – 'Shut Up'

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

You know those songs the ones that make you feel badass and powerful? The ones that just ooze effortless cool and make you just dive into a world of confidence? Well ever since LALKA released 'Shut Up', I’ve been strutting down my local footpath like I’m eternally wearing ray bans and a leather jacket.

LALKA is a Brisbane based project and her new track 'Shut Up' brings something fresh, forward thinking and undeniably powerful.

The song starts with rising noise and spills into a bed of beats and vocal layers. Then with a boom, the perfectly crafted pre-chorus treats the listener to some distinctly catchy lines keeping you hanging until the chorus arrives. Here the track feels its most powerful with a vocal delivery and 808 heavy beats matching the effortlessly rebellious and bold lyrics. Throughout the track, the lyrics tell a story of a girl fed up and ready to break free from the clutches of opinion.

It’s a potent statement full of passion and it’s delivered with such a clear vision. LALKA is definitely someone to watch.

Written by Roy Gordon