Album Premiere: Ryder Havdale – Candy Haven

Friday, June 22, 2018

We're super thrilled to bring you a stream of Candy Haven, which is the debut solo record by Toronto-based producer Ryder Havdale.

Spanning ten tracks of entrancing and ambient goodness, the album was crafted both in Berlin (his second home-base), as well as in Britsh Columbia — in a cabin built by Havdale's grandfather located near picturesque Sproat Lake. The influence of his surroundings is a prominent aspect of the album, particularly in the invigorating and galvanizing soundscapes of each track — especially evident in the immersive and hauntingly beautiful 'Berlin Nights', the soaring nature of 'Chasing Unicorns' and the trance-like title track 'Candy Haven'.

On the creation of the album, Havdale said: "I had a card system where each card in a deck was assigned to a certain song, and would let the cards dictate which song I'd work with on a particular day. Often I'd shuffle the deck, pick the card and it'd be the song I was already singing when I woke up."

You can listen to Candy Haven by Ryder Havdale below: