Feature: The ingredients of Phantastic Ferniture's self-titled debut album

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Before the album is unleashed into the wild tomorrow, Phantastic Ferniture gives us a little insight into the inspiration behind their self-titled debut album. The Sydney-based garage-pop band and good friends Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes and Ryan Brennan deliver an album that comprises of expressive lyricism and astounding musicianship, and we know you're going to love it as much as we do! Check out the ingredients of their self-titled album below

Troy Horse Rehearsal Studios:
This was a rehearsal space in Redfern, Sydney where we first started practicing. If I close my eyes and try to dream up a picture and a feeling that represents this band it’s probably their purple walls and sticky carpets. We wrote a lot of our songs in there, ate a lot of takeaway on their floors, put up our first homemade gig posters and got a lot of cavities from the killer pythons they sold at the desk. It was a bit tragic when they closed down. Think it’s apartments now.

'The Voice' by John Farnham:
We started covering this song a few years ago. Ryan’s dad never drove his car without a Farnham CD ready to rock so we thought we’d do something for the parents for once. It ended up becoming a bit of a staple that we’d end the set with. Reminded us all about the joy of unashamedly uplifting power songs. Just seeing the joy on people’s faces when we launched into the chorus made us all get over ourselves a bit I think.

The most wonderful time of the year. Sometimes. Well, we made it so for ourselves by putting on an annual show called ‘Phantastic Ferniture’s Christmas Extravaganza’. I think it’s what has kept this band going for all these years. You know, as adulthood creeps in, the Christmas spirit can easily become lost; people stop buying you things, you still have to work, you realise your family might be a little racist. Although we’ve contributed to the waste crisis by the amount of tinsel we’ve used every year, it’s been a really important show for us. Sharing the stage with some wonderful Sydney musicians and being able to sing Christmas songs to drunk, happy adults. Brilliant.

Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney:
This was where the band started. It’s a bit of a strange place now, comically loud music so you can’t have any kind of conversation and a lot of people hitting it real hard after a day at work in the CBD. Or have we changed? Hmmmm. But back in 2014, the music was low enough that we managed to make a promise to start a band and we all had a lot less responsibilities so the drinks were endless. I think though the origin story has played out in basically everything we do. It’s just been 4 years of impulsive decisions that have gotten us to the point of finishing a record.

Narla (the band, not the lion):
They are a Sydney band that we all equally love. I think we were hoping to make the kind of music that would make sense on a bill with them. We failed, but love going to watch them play. One of those bands that are just so good live you want to run home and practise till your fingers bleed.

 You can purchase Phantastic Ferniture's debut album via the link

Check out the music video for their single 'Bad Timing' below:

(all images have been supplied by Phantastic Ferniture)