Now Playing: Cut Copy – 'Standing in the Middle Of The Field' (Tensnake Remix)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

MJ’s glitter-socked feet are shimmying and shamone-ing at a dizzying speed in a conga line, resulting in fist-sized bunions and a severe case of Hammer Toe. And who is to blame? Cut Copy (and paste) and their Hamburg cocktail re-mixer sidekick Tensnake.

Rested in the retirement home of 2017 release ‘Haiku From Zero’, Tensnake’s 6:31 long SodaStream renovation carbonates the original, ‘listened to 1000 times but still bearable’, into funkadelic Daft Punkish popping candy. A compatible divergence of a deep upfront riff, backdropped by sprinklings of marimba percussionitzy ear ticklers.

“Find love, lying on the shore...drifting out to sea, lost forevermore” they sing.

SITMOTF is in need of a nurturing grandma embrace and 5:20's “holding on is hurt” conclusion expresses it so. Despite lack of, the echoey fade-out seal to the envelope is a delish ingrain in the membrane chilling finish. #TenOutOfTensnake

Written by Sally Hui (@sally__hui)

You can purchase Tensnake's remix of 'Standing in the Middle Of The Field' here or stream it via Apple Music.