Now Playing: Demon Days – 'Disco Baby'

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I don’t know what sparkly neo-soul/disco/funk water the musicians in Perth drink, but I want some, I want some now. Clearly having been baptised in said waters then re-baptised about infinity times, Demon Days’ 'Disco Baby' has been blessed by the groovy funk gods. I’m so flawed by the sheer musicality and groove of this track and I haven’t been able to stop bobbing my head (I may need to seek medical attention).

The track begins with a gritty riser and drums then we are treated to some tasty synth licks and bouncy bass. By now, the song catches you and you are swimming through a perfectly crafted song form with precise rhythmic vocals and harmonies floating atop. It’s just so crystal clear that this band have more chops than a karate studio.

Their influences of jazz, pop, funk, and hip-hop come through so cohesively on this song and I cannot begin to recommend you listen enough.

Written by Roy Gordon

You can purchase 'Disco Baby' here or stream it via Apple Music