Now Playing: Denzel Curry – 'Clout Cobain'

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Denzel Curry's roll-out of his album TA13OO is one of the year's most highly-anticipated hip-hop releases. Separated in three parts — 'Light', 'Grey' and 'Dark' — the album is set to be shared across three days, starting from Wednesday 25th July until Friday 27th July (when it will be avaliable in full).

To get amped for the release of the Florida rapper's third album, we're sharing his most recent single 'Clout Cobain' (stylised as 'CLOUT CO13A1N'). The single is meant to represent the album's second group 'Grey'. Melancholic in nature, Denzel Curry pours some his rawest lyrics yet, including "I just wanna feel myself, you want me to kill myself / Man, I been on my own, Lord, I'ma need some help" as soon as the track opens. Produced by J Gramm, the track's darkening and glum mood compliment his reflective words flawlessly.

Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing a review of the LP once it drops in full. Until the rest of TA13OO is unveiled, there's always 'Clout Cobain' to appreciate.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase 'Clout Cobain' here or stream it via Apple Music