EP Review: Demon Days – Magic Eye

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Peppy neo-soul five-piece Demon Days has arrived with their debut EP Magic Eye — and like solo-eating a family size kit-kat, it satisfies and satisfies. Filled with buoyant grooves and musical prowess, the band from Perth have packaged their mixed bag of musical candy in a neat and tasty six-track project.

‘Daria’s Smile’ begins the EP and as I sit back for a chill boogie. The discussions beneath the glossy synths draw me in. Underneath is a conversation about the unhealthy societal pressures that are put on women to look, act and be a certain way. It implores the listener to forgo what everyone thinks women should be and I cannot find a fault in its message.

The magically funky ‘Disco Baby’, my introduction to this band, does not stop the momentum. A song with a multitude of hooks. All the elements keep you coming back — from the vocals, synths and instrumental — it grips you every time.

As we glide into the next song, 'Highway', I picture a beautiful stretch of road beside a beach. Demon Days is leading a convoy full of musicians and they are playing this smooth track. It's without a doubt a road trip song if I’ve heard one. Isabella’s voice perfectly glides over the smooth groove instrumental.

Would this be a neo-soul EP without a pleasingly crafted instrumental? Here we are treated to ‘I Can’t See Magic Eyes’, which is a title that definitely speaks to me. Those books were so difficult and are honestly the likely reason I have to wear glasses on a daily basis. The track, however, is not difficult to listen too. A crisp intermission that feels like an ode to groove. Demon Days’ musical chops present themselves so precisely here.

On 'Moths', I went into it expecting a song about those cheeky clothes eating bugs but got so much more. I interpret 'Moths' as a beautifully abstract journey of letting go and removing the thought that earthly possessions have to define you. The track opens with silky arpeggios. From the intro to end, I’m enraptured by the band’s seamless skill at weaving through top-notch musical movements.

With some slightly Rap-esque vocality ‘6056’ perfectly concludes this EP. A song about the past, the masterfully visual lyrics sit atop an alluring jazz/neo-soul instrumental. There are hooks galore on this track and it’s been added to my daily playlist as we speak.

Demon Days are breathing a young and fresh take on this genre and I couldn’t be happier. The extended chords, the ever-present groove, and silky smooth vocals amalgamate to make something so charming and full of life. Magic Eye a delicious piece of ear-candy and it was a pleasure to experience.

Written by Roy Gordon

You can purchase Magic Eye here or stream it via Apple Music

You can catch Demon Days at the below dates, including BIGSOUND 2018:
31st August - Badlands Bar, Perth WA
1st September - Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
4th to 7th September - BIGSOUND Festival, Brisbane QLD
7th September - The Gasometer Upstairs, Collingwood VIC
8th September - Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst NSW
More information is avaliable here