Feature: How to Do Life with Blasko

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Late last month, Aussie electronic soul and r&b artist Blasko shared his mixtape Blasko In Love (Part 1). To celebrate its release, he took part in our feature 'How to Do Life', sharing his wisdom on all things to do with love.

1. Don't Settle
The most important for me, and what I see a lot of people doing, is settling. Do not settle. Age should not dictate your love affairs. Let it fall naturally and trust in your own timing.

2. Put in the Work
Love is not a fantasy, it is hard work, make sure if you have found that someone special, that you keep working on your love for one another and never be content with your comfort.

3. Space
Space, I think space is so important. It is very easy to want to constantly be involved in your others business, but most times, if you allow them private space, they will naturally come to you for guidance.

4. Trust
Trust is HUUUGGEE!!!. no amazing relationship neglects trust. Trust is hard to earn and even harder to keep. I find that it comes easiest when you are both secure about each other and about your own selves.

5. Compromise
Compromise, always find a happy medium, most times relationships fail because one of you feel less in control, (and who doesn't demand control). We all want it, we all crave it.. so when you meet your match, make sure you are open to compromise, otherwise, they will not feel equal, and ultimately look for that in someone else, don't make some other shmucks life easier, because you couldn't or refuse to swallow your pride.

You can stream Blasko In Love (Part 1) below: