Interview: Tiaryn on Let Me Fall and Storytelling

Monday, August 27, 2018

Fresh from the release of her EP Let Me Fall, we had the opportunity to ask Melbourne singer-songwriter Tiaryn about the EP, writing and what drives her to create.

Congratulations on the release of your EP Let Me Fall, how does it feel to have it out in the wild?  
Thank you! It's always a huge relief to release a body of work into the public. It can feel a little anti-climactic because there is usually quite a long process involved before anyone actually hears the music. But its great because you realize you're not really doing it for the outcome, you're doing it for the music and the process itself.

How did you celebrate its release?
Lewis and I celebrated with some friends over a few wines awhile ago. But the EP launch felt like a pretty special celebration!

The EP has a neo-soul/contemporary R&B energy, how has the genre influenced the EP, as well as your craft?
I've always been really obsessed with R&B and soul since I first heard Aretha Franklin when I was 12. Then in high school I in high school I loved dancing to hip-hop and mainstream R&B. I think the tight, punchy beats and layered vocals are things I still love and think of in the studio.

Are there any artists that inspired you when creating Let Me Fall?
Yeah, heaps! I think I was big on Currents by Tame Impala, Solange and Chance The Rapper at the time, and of course every artist I've ever listened to contributes to my writing. But I'm more interested in being influenced by daring creativity and authenticity, rather than specific sounds or writing techniques.

'Quicksand' is extremely beautiful and poignant – what's the story behind the track?
Thank you! I wrote this one after the break up of a long-term relationship. We had actually broken up two years earlier and then got back together. The song came flooding out when I was reflecting on that time, how I was needing love and clarity from him and how when I hurt him in this drawn-out process of ending things, that he needed the same things. I wrote the song once I'd realized I it was too painful to be completely honest with him, the only way to say all this was in the song.

Is there a place in particular that inspires you the most when writing music?
Travel always inspires ideas in me. All the new colours, smells, people and landscapes make me want to create in all sorts of ways. Also places like the beach and my backyard on a sunny day that don't directly inspire music in me but they ground me and that's when I write best.

How important is storytelling to you as a songwriter?
Yes, storytelling is something I value so much yet haven't fully delved into yet. I sit down to write and naturally feel more connected when I write from personal experience, but sometimes I've had a pretty standard week and that doesn't always feel that juicy or deep. There are so many rich stories in the world to be told so I'd love to explore that more in songwriting.

You can purchase Let Me Fall here and stream it via Apple Music

Photography by Kristy Smolcic
Written by Amy Smolcic