Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 25.8.18

Saturday, August 25, 2018

We've searched far-and-wide to bring you some tunes from around Australia that we love the most. Celebrate the end of the week with us and some of the best from around town.

Emma Louise – 'Falling Apart'
We hope you like goosebumps, as you're about to be covered in them — 'Falling Apart' is a masterpiece.

Richard In Your Mind – 'I Hope You Weren't Waiting Long'
It's truly a dreamy delight that deserves to be savoured over and over again.

Julia Why? – 'Pocket'
Unapologetic, confident and powerful — Julia Why? deliver with 'Pocket'.

Stevie Jean – 'Hell In Every Religion'
Stevie Jean's debut single is absolutely exquisite — we're eagerly anticipating her next move.

I Know Leopard – 'Landmine'
'Landmine' gives us so many feelings – it makes us want to dance, chill, and throw glitter in the air, simultaneously of course.

Benfield – 'Only When I'm Drunk'
We had the pleasure of premiering this one on Thursday and we think it deserves even more love – If you haven't jammed 'Only When I'm Drunk' yet, you're missing out on pure goodness.

SAMETIME – 'When You Come Down'
Those vocal harmonies are just so, so, so damn good.

Sloan Peterson – 'Our Love'
'Our Love' is exceptionally enchanting and we're so eager to hear what else 2018 brings for Sloan Peterson.

Nice Biscuit  – 'Digital Mountain Sparrow'
Nice Biscuit's latest tune transports you to another planet and the journey is absolutely mesmerising.

(Photo via Emma Louise's FB page)