Now Playing: CXLOE – ‘Show You’

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If ‘Show You’ by Sydney alt-pop singer-songwriter CXLOE hasn’t been blaring through your headphones all week, get ready for that to change. Fusing all that we love from pop, alternative and electronica, CXLOE’s infectious new single will have you on your feet from start to finish.

The hard-hitting pop track opens with a kickless rhythm. It leads into CXLOE’s effortless vocals, hooking you instantly. She sings: “If you want it baby, I can show you. Let me explain as I’m taking it off. If you want it, I can get to know you.” Lyrically, she explores the feeling of wanting someone but not knowing how to express it. This is the song for when words aren’t quite enough and you need to show someone how you feel instead. This track is honest, exciting and seductive: pop euphoria at its best.

Being only her third single, and amidst signing with Niche Talent Agency alongside our favourites talents, Thundamentals and SAFIA, there is no doubt that CXLOE is cementing herself as one of Australia’s most exciting newcomers. We cannot wait for what’s next.

Written by Hannah Woodfield