Playlist: Tunes That Make VOIID Feel Badass

Monday, August 27, 2018

Brisbane four-piece VOIID have a knack for creating tunes that make you feel strong and confident — their singles 'Silly Girl', 'Not For You' and newest single 'Twin' are all solid proof. Ahead of their appearance at BIGSOUND, VOIID took some time out to share some of the tracks that inspire them to feel fearless.

'A New Level' by Pantera
“This is a majorly empowering song for me. A hard-hitting track that to me is about triumph over old trains of thought inflicting self-doubt and defeat, ‘a new level of confidence and power’.” – Jasmine

'Asking for It' by Hole
 “Courtney Love’s lyrics have a lot of messages intertwined sometimes empowering and sometimes not at all but Courtney herself is empowering as a strong woman of rock and roll that never fucking shut up when people told her too.” – Kate

'Just A Girl' by No Doubt 
“This song speaks for itself. It comments on the position of women in society and then shoves it back in peoples faces. Gwen Stefani is fed up and its so enjoyable to listen to.” – Kate

'Ariel' by Babes in Toyland
“I chose Ariel because Kat Bjelland’s voice is so powerful in this particular track, and I think the lyrics are really beautiful.” – Anji

'Call Me Mother' by RuPaul
“This song genuinely helped me get a job and helps me through pretty much anything. It’s the perfect hype song, that’s pretty empowering.” – Anji

'Twin Fawn' by Chelsea Wolfe
“I love this entire album by Chelsea Wolfe, but especially this track. Her lyrics are super poetic and it makes this song really beautiful. It’s sick to see such a strong woman in music just being herself and being damn good at it.” – Antonia

You can stream 'Twin' by VOIID below:

If you're heading to BIGSOUND, you can catch VOIID at the events via the link.