EP Review: Ariel Beesley – 'Ariel Beesley'

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ariel Beesley creates pop music that not only makes you want to dance, but a unique brand of pop that places emphasis on the intricate art of storytelling. Listening to her music has the ability to transport you to another time — a world that makes you feel like you're Molly Ringwald in a John Hughes film. Her debut self-titled EP takes listeners through an assortment of relatable feelings like romantic mishaps, heartbreak, infatuation, and dating, as well as the importance of dancing off the anxieties associated with these feelings.

‘Awake All Night’ tells the story of a boy who lost his opportunity with a girl — “Go cry in a corner, it’s in the past / now you say you want her, you lost your chance”. Featuring boisterous guitars and feverish percussion, ‘Awake All Night’ has been designed to make you want to throw on your best dress and dance the pain away. The build-up towards the end of the track sees a resurgence of energy and you’ll struggle to stay still by the time you reach the end of the song.

Though the EP is bursting with an infectious energy that makes you want to dance, Ariel Beesley combines this exhilarating feeling with aspects of dream-pop. The EP’s second track ‘Mine’ opens up like a hazy daydream, before a dose of energetic synths hit. This dreamlike aura is prevalent across the track’s duration. ‘You Always Knew’ also feels like you’re caught amidst a daydream that you never want to snap out of — the exquisite combination of 80s synth pop and dream-pop works sublimely with her catchy lyrics. ‘Chase Me Around’, which is the EP’s closer, stars deep synths but maintains a tranquil vibe throughout.

I remember the first time I heard ‘Slower Than Usual’ in January and feeling extremely moved by the track — it’s been nine months since then and it still evokes the same imagery and emotions in my mind. The words “I fell in love with you last night, wish I could take you home tonight, oh, you dance so, so sweetly” bring to life all those feelings associated with your first crush and the thrill and infatuation that comes along with it. ‘Slower Than Usual’ also possesses an atmospheric quality, which is something that’s present in all her songs.

‘Love Me Better’ is reminiscent of Brandon Flowers’ (of The Killers) work on Day & Age, and the storylike energy he created on ‘A Dustland Fairytale’. ‘Love Me Better’ contains this absorbing and utterly captivating feeling and it’s exceptionally beautiful. ‘Love Me Better’ pulls you into a narrative that you want to get lost in.

Ariel Beesley’s debut EP is rich in dreamy and narrative-like lyricism and each track proves why she is one of the most underrated storytellers in pop music today.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)