Feature: The Anatomy of 'Anyway' with Jack Vallier

Friday, September 7, 2018

UK singer-songwriter Jack Vallier shared his enchanting new single 'Anyway' a few weeks ago and it's a must-listen. On the live show front, he recently supported Jade Bird and Dermot Kennedy on their UK tours. He also played The Great Esape and Field Day. He took some time out to dissect the inner workings of 'Anyway' for us.

I wrote 'Anyway... A few months ago while I was looking to expand my sound and do something a little different. I wanted a song that didn't feel negative and people could enjoy in the sun this summer, but also something that still felt real and honest.

The story behind 'Anyway' is...  It's about my first real relationship, when you're young it's hard to know when the right time to leave is, love can make you blind to how messy things are. I only began to understand how to find a balance between the intense love and happiness it gives you and the negative feelings that can come with it, once I had some hindsight. However, this song is more about celebrating the blissful ignorance I felt at the time.

My favourite lyric is... I'm really proud of the lyrics in 'Anyway', especially in the chorus but "you've been using lies as a language like I don't understand it" in the 2nd verse is my favourite line. Feel like it was a cool way to sum up the problems in that particular relationship

It was made... In Ealing studios down the road from my flat with two of my best mates Kin and Lauren Aquilina. It was so fun to jam together for a day and actually get a song we all love out of it too.

My main inspiration was... I'm always listening to tons of music that probably subconsciously influences the music I make but I was listening to a lot of Bazzi at the time as his album just came out. I really loved his production on the tracks

It sounds best when... Me, Lauren and Kin played it around a grand piano at a house party a few weeks ago, everyone was drunk singing the chorus and it felt like the song was written for that moment, I highly recommend x

If you're in London, you can catch Jack Vallier live at Seabridge Arms on 18th September.