Feature: The Anatomy of 'The Moon' with Saya

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Saya's latest single 'The Moon' is a cathartic mix of R&B and chillwave. Taken off of her new EP Sugar Coated, the introspective single also features open and reflective lyricism, which discuss feeling free from residual anger. In our newest feature, Saya breaks down the inner workings of 'The Moon'.

I wrote 'The Moon'... About being disconnected from everything…

The story behind 'The Moon' is... Finally getting to a point where I feel free from any negativity, not worrying about what other people think and just being able to be comfortable and happy for and with myself.

My fave lyric is... “Elevated, Took my time to sweet cloud nine”

'The Moon' was made...  In London, UK in 2016

My main inspiration was... Feeling numb

It sounds best when... You're staring at the sky

You can listen to 'The Moon' by Saya below

(Photo by Felice Trinidad)