Feature: The Anatomy of 'My Hands' with Jack Gray

Friday, September 21, 2018

Today, Australian singer-songwriter Jack Gray unveiled his new single 'My Hands'. 'My Hands' is a follow-up to his previous single 'Red Rental Car', which racked up over 1.1 million streams. Currently on tour with Dean Lewis in Europe, Jack gives us an insight into the inner workings of 'My Hands'.

I wrote ‘My Hands'… With my mate in a few hours. It felt really natural and it was just one of those songs where all of the parts fell into place really quickly.

The story behind ‘My Hands' is… One of my good friends opened up to me about his love life at the time. Basically, he felt really confused about his feelings for this girl because a lot of the stuff she did, annoyed the hell out of him. However, something about her and her way with words was keeping him in. But I prefer the idea of lust outweighing the unhealthy relationship and the toll that took on him…

My favourite lyric is... “You talk too much I can’t keep up” because it’s something my mate said to me when we were talking about it all. I think it feels super relatable even in a general sense too. Like I can’t keep up with half the shit people have to say to me…

It was made… In a caravan on the Gold Coast. I wrote the song with my bro Zekiel, who is an Aus hip-hop artist. Over the next few days, I went home and finished the production in my bedroom.

My main inspiration was… My friend and his partner. He opened up to me about how he was feeling and I went and told the world about it, haha... sorry man!

It sounds best when… You’re in a good mood.

You can listen to 'My Hands' by Jack Gray below: