Feature: The Anatomy of 'Summer Rain' with Carmody

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

South London singer-songwriter Carmody dazzles on her newly released single 'Summer Rain'. The soulful track sees Carmody fuse R&B influences with truly magical songwriting. She took some time out to share the story behind her new single with us.

 I wrote 'Summer Rain'… because I knew I had a love song in me, it was bubbling beneath all the ache that lost love can bring.

The story behind ‘Summer Rain is… I wanted to connect the fleetingness of a warm downpour in the summer, with that feeling you have when you fall in love and you live in your own beautiful bubble together for a while.

My favourite lyric is... 'Is this dreamwork, weaving patterns of light into each day'

It was made... between South East London and Chicago, with the very talented writer/producer Rahm Silverglade. We wanted to inspire people to take up dancing in the rain.

My main inspiration was... my 5-year old self, who's always enjoyed the rain and falling in love.

It sounds best... when you're wandering around London in rainy sunlight or driving somewhere dreamy with the windows down.

If you're in Germany this October, Carmody will be appearing in Berlin and Hamburg. Click here to find out more information.