Feature: How to Do Life with Aaron from BANFI

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Our 'How to Do Life' feature gives some of our favourite artists the chance to dish out their best tips on how to do this thing called life. Next up is Aaron from BANFI, who are a three-piece band from East London. BANFI recently shared their new single 'If not for you', which you can enjoy below. Trust us, it's a good one.

No matter how incredible you think one person is (even in the good times), you will always need your friends. Never forget them and always give and open up to them — they can’t hurt you in the same way that a romance can.

Whatever your passion is; music, film, sport, sewing, food, reading, travelling, WHATEVER it is, dive in after a breakup. You will probably find that your passion for the ‘one' will creep into these other areas helping you give more to yourself and others that you share these with.

Remember who you are:
Don’t forget what amazing qualities the person who’s just left brought out of you. These qualities were always there, the said person just helped coax them out of you — a bit like a good coach! Just because they’re not there anymore, doesn’t mean you should suddenly start drinking, getting up late and keep forgetting to do your stinking laundry! (Also try to think about the things you didn’t like about yourself during the time you were together and change them so that the next person doesn't think you’re as much of an asshole…)

Be healthy:
1, exercise is good for you anyway (you should already be doing it!), be it running, going to the gym, cycling, tennis, football, skating etc... AND 2, when you exercise your body releases endorphins (albeit along with a bunch of other chemicals…) that make you HAPPY! The only thing you think about when you exercise is exercising  (especially doing anything competitive or skilled) so go out, meet people and run around like a child for a bit — you’ll feel better.

Don’t be selfish:
I know it’s a hard thing to think about when you’re in it, but you have to remember how insignificant these events can truly be and try to look at the much much more astronomical picture. If you do that and stop with the preconceptions of what you’re meant to feel like after a breakup — depressed, lonely, looking for a new start — then you’ll find that life just goes on and is all around you and is amazing and that you should absolutely enjoy it and be giving to EVERYONE and not just to you and the ‘one’ that's gone… Basically, remember to be nice to everyone and smile at them and give yourself to them in anyway you can and life will be good.

You can listen to 'If not for you' by BANFI below:

BANFI will be touring across Europe this October and November, click here to find out where.